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Terms & Condition

as a user of DZ4Store you agree to all of this terms and conditions.
(this page can be changed without notice).

How it work

buyer make an order and pay dz4store
vendor deliver the order
user confirm received
dz4store pay to vendor account after taking a commission
vendor request withdraw
user will have 15 day to open dispute
dz4store payout to vendor after 15 days

Buyers aggrement

1. you are giving DZ4Store and Vendors the right to sell to you or buy for you online.
2. you know that DZ4Store and Vendors my not have the stuck so we my buy it from other online stores or suppliers in china or around the world and we my not ensure the products availability or quality.
3. you have 15 days to open a dispute after the order get confirmed by the system.
4. if you received your order you must click received by buyer, if you didn't receive your order after 45 days contact the seller if no solution open a dispute.

Sellers agrement

1. dz4store will hold the money till the order completed.

2. you work clean and never scam.

3. you take all the responsibility to make sure the order was delivered.

4. you accept about 15 day dispute time.

5. you submit your real id if its fake you lose your account and the money on it.

6. if the tracking show the parcel was received contact the buyer to confirm and tell him click received by buyer, you can click received by vendor of 45 passed.